10 Signs You Need Support

Sound familiar?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, but despite your efforts, growth feels stagnant, and your competitors seem to steal the spotlight. Whether you’re a one-person operation or have an in-house marketing team, if your campaigns aren’t delivering, it’s time for a solution.

Here are 10 tell-tale signs you need support:

  1. Website Traffic Has Plateaued: Your website isn’t attracting new visitors, and those who do come don’t stay.
  2. Google Is Ignoring You: You’re buried in search results if you’re there at all. Your SEO needs a major boost to get you back on the radar.
  3. Leads Are Scarce: Your sales team isn’t as active as you’d like. They struggle to find new prospects, and those who do express interest rarely convert. You’re not reaching the right audience, and you’re not sure why.
  4. Competitors Are Winning: It seems like your competitors are always in the spotlight, whether it’s through social media, ads, or word-of-mouth. You’re left wondering what they’re doing differently.
  5. Your Brand Feels Disjointed: There’s inconsistency in your logo, social media, and business cards, creating confusion for customers. Your customers might be confused about who you are and what you stand for.
  6. Your Marketing Is All Over the Place: Some weeks you’re active on social media, other times you go silent. Your email campaigns are sporadic, and there’s no clear strategy tying everything together.
  7. Your Ideas Don’t Get Off the Ground: You brainstorm great marketing ideas, but they never seem to turn into action. Whether it’s because of a lack of resources, unclear responsibilities, or just plain overwhelmed, nothing gets done.
  8. Your Social Media Is a Snooze Fest: Your social media accounts are more like digital tumbleweed. There’s Minimal interaction, little engagement, and nothing to spark interest.
  9. Customers Are Losing Interest: Your existing customers aren’t coming back as often, and new ones aren’t loyal. This could mean your marketing isn’t resonating or you’re not engaging in the right way.
  10. You Don’t Have Time for Marketing: You’re so busy running your business that marketing always ends up on the back burner. It’s hard to find time to plan, create, and execute effective marketing campaigns.

Whether 1 or all 10, if this sounds like you, it’s time to ditch the duct tape and call in the experts.

Selland Technologies specializes in creating custom marketing strategies that keep your campaigns on track, within budget, and hitting your targets. They can help you identify issues you might not see, ensuring a seamless marketing plan with the right data to measure success.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get a strategy tailored to your business needs, and you’ll be on your way to achieving long-term success. Whether it’s refining your brand identity or scaling your operations, having the right support can make all the difference. Reach out to Selland Technologies today to get started.

    From TikTok to Top Tier: Why Experts are Essential to Maritime Marketing Goals

    You have a marketing team already- or are deciding if it’s time to retire the one-man-marketing show.. But there’s always your nephew on Tik Tok who can do it for free- resources are valuable; it’s 2024 after all.

    Sound familiar?

    If your approach mirrors any of the scenarios mentioned above, the following insights will revolutionize your marketing strategy for the coming quarter – everyone deserves a free lunch every once in a while.

    With your vast experience and industry acumen, you grasp the critical role of marketing and have already identified your audience—the lifeblood of your business. Yet, marketing tasks still fall behind. Operational priorities inevitably overshadow comprehensive marketing strategies.

    While 2020 highlighted the necessity of marketing in the digital age, this isn’t 2020 anymore. The landscape has evolved. With the proliferation of DIY sites and platforms, it’s evident who invests in their company’s future. To avoid overlooking crucial details and potential pitfalls, seek expert advice.

    A robust marketing strategy sets you apart from the competition, amplifies your impact, and ensures your brand remains visible, relevant, and resilient in the maritime sector. At Selland Technologies, we specialize in maritime marketing, understanding the unwavering focus demanded by this industry.

    With our insights, leverage opportunities to elevate your brand and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving market. Let our team give you a proven strategy to meet your quarterly goals.

    Selland Technologies has taken the standard industry concepts and translated them into straightforward terms that simply make sense. Transparency is our approach.

    Remember that free lunch we mentioned at the beginning?

    We forgot to mention it is a five-course meal and we’re just getting started.

    Reach out to us today to schedule a free marketing consultation… and, yes, your nephew can tag along to make a TikTok video about it.

      The Value of a White Board

      I’ll be honest. The last time I looked at a whiteboard was my final day of classes in high school- and for me, that ended 2 months earlier than my classmates.

      Having taken advantage of self-paced online classes, I capitalized on the -now primitive- virtual classes offered to seniors. Mind you, this was a decade before 2020. Virtual connection, learning, and brainstorming were a relatively new tool- and I was about to capitalize on the loopholes new tech tends to create.

      I found the beta version of virtual classes simple enough to complete ahead of schedule. With my in-person elective class projects also completed in advance, I was left with ample free time. A meticulously crafted art portfolio and an avante garde prom dress both required expedited execution, so upon submission for grading, it was suggested I return to school solely for exams, freeing up 2 full months to prep for exams and get a head start on summer jobs.

      Yet, this anecdote serves a greater purpose beyond recounting personal achievement —it underscores a critical principle for marketing success: the efficient utilization of talent. This could easily be an article on how to cheat the system, and in a way, it is. Because when a marketing firm houses a wealth of creative minds under one proverbial roof, failing to harness their collective potential is tantamount to squandering invaluable resources.

      In the decade since that anecdote took place, technology has transformed work and communication. Remote work and asynchronous communication have become common, along with the storage of countless ideas within our digital workspace, but this can lead to inefficiencies. Notes written at different times may only make sense to the author, requiring time and resources for translation and editing, especially for digital teams.

      Selland Technology leads with innovation and expertise in every industry we serve. Armed with cutting-edge tools like Figma and Notion.AI, our team transforms ideas into tangible solutions. By embracing collective talent and the latest technology, we cultivate lasting client relationships, prioritizing collaboration and mutual success.

      Whiteboard sessions in the digital marketing realm can often be overlooked in favor of the latest trend in the tech sphere. However, this tool proves invaluable for brainstorming and refining ideas. Carving out space and time to throw ideas onto the proverbial “whiteboard” isn’t just a matter of “finding time”—it’s a strategy for success.

      1. Visual Thinking: Whatever the tool digital or physical, having a visual canvas to jot, tweak, and refine ideas allows a vision to be shared and absorbed by the team. Ideas flow freely, being captured in real time. From sketching out concepts to mapping customer journeys, the visual element fosters creativity and clarity.
      2. Instant Collaboration: In a whiteboard session, teams come together to ideate, share insights, and build upon each other’s ideas. The dynamic nature of these sessions encourages active participation and sparks innovative thinking.
      3. Iterative Problem-Solving: Marketing challenges, especially in the digital realm, often require multiple revisions to find the best solution. Rapid ideation enables teams to experiment, refine, and adapt strategies on the fly. An insider tip? Trial timed sessions. If a solution needs to be found within 5 minutes, the most obvious solution will be supplied. From there, a revision discussion can be held.
      4. Tangible Results: Whiteboard sessions produce results that can be easily shared and revisited. The inherent system of reasoning used to determine a solution allows for the opportunity to pinpoint additional parallel solutions. The presence of ideas on the board, and the need to explain this reasoning in real time, fosters accountability, and ensures that key takeaways are not lost in the shuffle.
      5. Breaking Down Silos: Cultivate team connection intentionally in the digital landscape by encouraging individuality and problem-solving skills during sessions. Foster creative collaboration to ensure marketing strategies align with strategic goals. Observe communication styles and roles within the team for holistic troubleshooting. Whiteboard sessions unite departments, breaking down barriers for cross-functional collaboration.

      In essence, this narrative serves as a reminder that in the realm of marketing, efficiency and collaboration are paramount. While digital tools undoubtedly play a crucial role in our strategies, there’s something timeless and undeniably effective about the classic whiteboard session. By balancing traditional methods with new technology, we maximize productivity for innovation and success.