What kind of services can I expect after product launch?

After the launch of a system, Selland Technologies offers maintenance services. Maintenance service refers to the ongoing support and upkeep of a software or system after it has been deployed and put into production. It includes a variety of activities such as: software updates, performance monitoring, backup and recovery, technical support, documentation, and training.

How much does website maintenance cost?

Website maintenance is a necessary part of owning and operating a website. Depending on the nature and complexity of your website maintenance costs will vary.. Following the launch of your website, we include 60-days of complimentary website maintenance and support. This period allows us to determine the type of maintenance and care your website will need from month to month.

Do you design and develop websites in-house?

Yes, we design and develop websites in-house. We can work within your budget and still get the important benefits of an impactful, data-driven, SEO-sound website.
The websites we build fall into a wide range of budgets. We focus on designing and developing for who your website is actually for — your clients or customers. Research is an important part of this process to ensure we build a site that will work for your business now and into the future, because sustainability is important to us.