What happens during discovery?

1. Scope Defining – the project team works with the client to define the goals and objectives of the project, and to identify the specific requirements that need to be met.
2. Conduct research – the project team conducts research to gather information about the client’s business, industry, and competitors. This helps to identify potential challenges and opportunities for the project.
3. Identify stakeholders – the project team identifies the key stakeholders of the project, including the client, end-users, and any other parties that will be impacted by the project.
4. Gather requirements – the project team works with the client and stakeholders to gather detailed requirements for the project. This includes functional and non-functional requirements, as well as any constraints or limitations that need to be considered.
5. Define the project plan – the project team uses the information gathered during the discovery process to define a project plan, which includes a detailed project schedule, resource requirements, and project budget.
6. Review and finalize – The project team reviews the project plan with the client and stakeholders to ensure that it meets their needs and expectations. Any necessary revisions are made and the project plan is finalized.