The Opportunity

Mimu Maxi is a small online woman-owned apparel business. Their Shopify store was using a soon-to-be discontinued Return Management plugin, and they needed quick assistance setting up a new Return Management plugin so their store could continue to operate without disruption to their customers.

The Solution

By working directly with their Customer Success team, we helped them select a new plugin and connect it to their store with all of the same settings they had in the legacy plugin, within the tight time-frame before the old plugin was discontinued. With time to spare, we made additional adjustments to their return flow to offer an even better user experience for their customers.

The Outcome

Mimu Maxi’s e-commerce store saw zero interruptions in its flow. The old plugin was replaced with a new one and their return flow was improved. Our work on their store improved their store’s performance and created happier customers. Today, we continue to provide monthly support for Mimu Maxi’s e-commerce solutions.

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